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Varshitha Matta

Creative Design Manager

No matter how bad things might be, we always have the choice of being happy. Optimism is necessary for a healthy living. I didn't know what it took to actually 'feel' healthy until recently. Sure, I wasn't exposed to physical sickness but I did experience fatigue - not because of improper nutrition but because of mental strain. There are 24 hours in a day, and I believe at least 1 hour of it must be dedicated to refresh ourselves. Everybody deserves to feel loved and happy, and that starts with self-love and self-care. I am delighted that I'm able to start a movement where I could help lots of people find productivity in their lives.


Saanvi Sundaram

Executive Manager

As teenagers, we tend to overlook our health for everything else going on in our lives, but health is vital. By starting a wellbeing blog I want to reach out to everyone, and help them live a healthier lifestyle. We've all become so dependent on technology that we forget what's more important, love and life. I took part in this movement to help others, everyone out there who wants to become a better version of themselves, and become comfortable in their own skin. Because it doesn't matter about everyone else, the only person's approval you need is yourselves.


Diya Tanushree

Healthy Marketing Manager

I wanted to start a wellbeing movement because we live in an age full of materialistic things. Gifts are now seen as toys or bags rather than love and affection. With a pandemic, our physical wellbeing is everything important. Wellbeing is vital and people seem to have let go of it in general. I, personally, have struggled in the past with being healthy and I got back because I started focusing on myself. I hope anyone who takes part in this movement gets better! Just like I did. I'd be incredibly happy to help anyone in the position I was in. 

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