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Exam Stress-Busters

Saanvi Sundaram, YourAurora Co-Founder and executive director, talks about how to stay calm during the tense exam season, and what she does to be at her best during this period.

We've all felt it before; the finals looming over our heads, mocking us from miles away. It's almost exam season in India, and it seems like the temperature has dropped 20º.

One thing that comes with exams is-- yes, you guessed it-- stress. The pressure to perform better than our best in every subject is a huge expectation, and can make even the most carefree, bubbly person a workaholic. So the question is, how to we erase the stress from the equation?

Plan your timetable: The worst possible thing that could happen while studying is not knowing what to study. So plan out your timetable, which includes how long you'll study, what subjects you'll study, and what topics you'll cover on which days. This way, at least when you sit down to study, you know what you're going to be tackling that day.

Start Early: We're all guilty of procrastination, that's no secret. But try your best to start studying early, depending on how much you need to learn, but at least 2 weeks before the exam date is recommended. This way, you can cover your topics over a long period of time, which means you can go slowly and won't just skim over topics.

Work Smart: It's one thing to work hard, and it's another thing to work smart. What works best for you when you study? If I were talking about myself, I prefer to keep the harder topics for the end, not because I'm lazy, but because I want to be able to remember them better. On the other hand, I dedicate more time in the morning to my second language, because I know that's the subject I need to be most alert for, and being a morning person, I know that's the best time to study.

Don't deprive yourself of sleep: Being sleep deprived is only normal for most of us, but that doesn't make it right. Make sure you et enough sleep (6-8 hours) and are in bed by 10pm. Whatever you do, make sure you aren't awake after 10pm. This is because our body performs specific functions during night-time, (10pm-4am) and staying awake means it won't be able to do so.

Eat Properly: Another thing we've all been guilty of is snacking on food while studying. While it's not wrong to snack, we tend to lean towards unhealthy food items. Instead, try eating something healthier, like our tasty recipes! Another alternative is snacking on fruits, which are easily available and super tasty!

Stay confident: Don't doubt yourself. You got this.

Don't study the night before/morning of the exam: It's completely fine to revise your points, but don't keep any concepts for the last moment. This is because, we're all usually very worked up the night before/the morning of the exam, and you won't actually comprehend anything you learn during this time period.

Don't procrastinate: Ah. The one thing everyone does. Do not procrastinate. It does nothing but build up your workload and put more pressure on you. NEVER put off something you find hard, unless you've planned it in such a way.

These are only a few tips that make a huge difference in the weeks coming up to the exams. But, what about the actual exam day?

Be prepared: Make sure you've packed your pencil box, your bottle, and anything else needed a good time ahead of the test. Double check the items before leaving the house. It will do you no good to reach the exam centre/school and then realise you left your geometry box at home

Close your books: Fifteen minutes before the exam, close all your books and relax. Cramming till the last minute will only make you forget more than you remember.

Manage your time: During the exam, divide your time based on the question paper. Make sure you leave enough time for each question, and time to revise your answers. If you know the question paper model before hand, do this before the exam!

Forget about it: After the exam, don't fret over it! Forget about it until the results come, because you know you did your best!

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