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How to feel healthier

Varshitha Matta talks about ways to make sure you feel healthy, and what she does to do the same.

You are healthy, but you don't feel so. I've been there. I used to be gloomy for no absolute reason and I was confused about it. So, I did some research, watched lots of videos and tried new things to make myself feel better.

Sleep and wake up early: Now, sleep is important is what everyone says, but I used to be one of those who felt like staying up late was 'cool' and made me feel like a college student. Why did I have to feel like a college student when I'm still in school? I need proper sleep because I'm still a growing child. Sleep plays a major role in growth. Waking up early sets your tone for the day. It makes you feel productive and tricks your brain into thinking that's who you should be for the rest of the day. Try it yourself.

Plan your day out - makes you feel more productive. (And set smaller and more achievable goals): Planning your day out helps you know what you want to do. I used to be confused as to what to do when. A plan sets your mind focused.

Make a gratitude list: Gratitude is a good feeling. Be grateful for whatever is around you. Be grateful for who you are, what you have, and how you do.

Exercise/Yoga: I think this speaks for itself. Exercising, yoga, and meditation actually makes you healthy and you will feel strong.

Eat what you want: I don't promote dieting because 'losing weight' doesn't make you attractive. If you honestly want to eat healthy, change your lifestyle. Eating healthy is an amazing thing, so do it not to look attractive but to feel good.

Watch motivational videos: So many videos are available on YouTube. You don't feel like studying? Search up for study motivation. Don't feel like working out? Search up for work out motivation. All you need is in your hands.

Take breaks: Breaks are more important than you think. This is why most successful people promote the Pomodoro Technique. Taking a break to refresh your mind helps you focus better and takes some pressure off your shoulders.

Self-reflection: See who you are. Think if you are who you want to be. Write down points where you need to improve and work on them. Write down points that you think make you phenomenal and appreciate yourself.

Spend more time with people: Do not get attached to a screen. Spend time with people. And I know that became a very dangerous concept, but try to spend time at least virtually with your friends and family.

Less screen time: Most of our work has become related to our laptops. However, that doesn't mean we need to spend 16 hours in front of it. Our school introduced this method to us - the 20-20-20 rule. In this, after every 20 mins of constant screen time, we look away to an object 20 feet away and stare at it for 20 seconds before turning back to the screen. This helps reduce the strain on our eyes.

Try new things: There's always room to learn. Learn new things. Anything. Knitting. Calligraphy. A new language. Just learn.

Pray: Praying is an act of gratitude. Even if you don't believe in religion, just pray because of how thankful you should be. Pray for your loved ones. Just go, "May they be safe and sound." And that is more than enough. If you do believe in God, praying is helpful in relieving too.

Make yourself laugh: Anything that puts a smile on your face. Maybe a TV series. Laughing lifts your mood up and that is a well-known fact.

See how your day went. You should be happy: At the end of the day, everything that matters is that you go to sleep with a smile on your face. That is when you are truly healthy.

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