• Saanvi Sundaram

Know Yourself

I was watching a ted-talk. ‘How to not take things personally’. I needed that because I sometimes get obsessed with approval and appreciation. I take it every little thing personally and let my thoughts revolve around it for hours on end. I learnt quite a lot from it. We all tend to get hurt when somebody doesn’t appreciate or acknowledge or work, or when they say something that hurts us. It’s humane. It’s normal.

People say it takes courage to constantly stand up for ourselves and fight against misconceptions, but I think it takes courage to let go, too, sometimes. It takes courage to accept things as what they are. It takes courage to ignore the irrational hatred we get. It takes courage to live life as who we are, despite what they tell us to be.

When there is too much on the plate, it’s better to take a break. Work can stress you out sometimes, and we long to finish it to let a sigh of relief. However, pressuring yourself to do something when your body is longing for rest is unhealthy. Taking a deep breath is necessary.

I did a thing because I know that I tend to think low of myself sometimes. I searched for all the texts I ever got from my friends that made me feel better, and stored them in a document. I decided that whenever I feel low, I would just open that and remind myself of the good in me. You should never forget about the good in you. The good in us is what gives us hope.

Speaking of ted-talks, I gave one in my class the other day. I was applauded for it and it made me feel good. I was nervous, of course, but the result of it made me feel happy. And this joy was stronger than the fear. I guess everything we do ends somewhere, and what we hope for unconsciously is that the end of what we do makes us proud, happy, and satisfied. Maybe we don’t think of it while doing all our actions but once one action ends, we question whether we feel good. And that is why being conscious of what we do is important. And having a good conscience has a lot to do with being peaceful. Making peace with ourselves and our surroundings adds a lot to our overall well-being.

I was watching a series and the actress in it was always smiling. She was stressed with a lot of things on her mind but the smile on her face never left. That inspired me, considering how the first thing you would notice when I am assigned with lots of work is my long face. I despise work that I’m not good at. But I’ve realised that giving our best in everything will make us happy even if we aren’t necessarily a fan of it, because success is something every human cherishes and strives for.

I think being successful is achieving that life. Being that person. Doing that thing. We all deserve happiness. We all deserve love, and I always say that. The only person that must make us happy is ourselves. Even if we deprive ourselves of attention from others, we should always pay attention to ourselves. We must always know who we are and value ourselves.

What the others think of you doesn’t really matter if you truly know you. You should know your worth. Your value. And if you don’t know it yet, search for it. Do whatever is necessary for you to find your worth.

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