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Personality Tests-- What is it? What is it not?

Saanvi Sundaram takes us through few personality types, what they mean, and what they don't. She dives into two types, with information about their types and meaning.

Personality tests have been around for a long time, Whether you're familiar with the simple 'Introvert, Extrovert' pair, or are an expert on Enneagram's, MBTI's and Temperament's, it's important to know what they mean and what they don't.

First, let's take a look at two personality tests, (the same ones mentioned above) the MBTI, and the Enneagram.

The Enneagrams:

Intro: The Enneagram types are divided into 9 types: The Perfectionist; The Giver/Helper; The Achiever; The Individualist; The Observer; The Skeptic/Loyalist; The Enthusiast; The Challenger; and the Peacemaker. Let's take a closer look at these types.

i. "No, I'm not saying perfect exists in this life. But we'll only know for certain if we try" -One; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 1's are hardworking, diligent, and will not rest until something is perfect. They make excellent mentors, if they tone down their need for perfectionism, because sometimes you can't perfect something, not matter how much you try. If you are a 1, or know someone who is, make sure that sometimes, you just go with the flow, and let things not be perfect.

ii. "It's okay if you can't catch your breath. You can take the oxygen straight out of my own chest." -Two; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 2's are caring, loving, and they will do anything for their loved ones. They make excellent friends, and will most probably be the ones you will forever be in contact. 2's tend to put others before them, so make sure that if you're a 2, or have a friend who is one, that they put themselves first sometimes.

iii. "I'm slowly learning how to break this spell. And I finally see myself" -Three; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 3's are made for the spotlight. They make amazing leaders. On one hand, they embrace fame and popularity. On the other, sometimes they need a break. So, if you're a 3, or have a friend who is, don't forget to wind down at times and relax.

iv. "I'm turning out the lights. To remember how to see. Until a renaissance takes place." -Four; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 4's are the ones who want to find themselves. They always feel like someone is missing, and they are set on finding that. They are creative and imaginative, and usually go on to be the artists. If you are a 4, just remember that sometimes you can't find everything.

v. "I want to watch the universe expand. I want to break it into pieces small enough to understand. And put it all back together again." -Five; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 5's are more comfortable with facts and numbers compared to people. They make excellent researchers, and will go to great height in fields that require research. If you are a 5, or know a 5, remember to socialise a bit more, and don't get lost in your world of numbers.

vi. "What would it feel like. To put this baggage down?. If I'm being honest. I'm not sure I'd know how." -Six; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 6's are pessimistic, but at the same time extremely loyal. They make amazing partners, in any way, business or mischief. If you're a 6, or know someone who is, try to look at the positive things in life, and don't forget to stand up for yourself.

vii. "What about danger? So what, what about risk? Let's climb the mountain before we cross that bridge!" -Seven; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 7's are the ones who will always look for new things to try out. They need excitement in their lives, and get bored very easily. They also make amazing friends. If you're a 7, or know someone who is, take some time, slow down, and go about admiring the little things in life.

viii. "I'm shattered porcelain, glued back together again. Invincible like I've never been." -Eight; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 8's are independent. They do not want to be controlled by anyone else, and will make decisions on their own. Type 8's make great Activists because of their willpower and self-reliant nature. If you are an 8, or if you know someone who is an 8, remember that it's okay to get help from others, and it's okay to not be able to do everything of your own.

ix. "To know and love ourselves and others well. Is the most difficult and meaningful.Work we'll ever do." -Nine; Sleeping At Last

  • Enneagram 9's are peacemakers. They are not comfortable with conflict, and are usually the ones who solve arguments. 9's make amazing teachers, for their patient personality can do wonders in school. If you are a 9, or know someone who is, remember that loss is inevitable, and the best we can do is move on.

Next up, we have the MBTI types.

Intro: The MBTI's are divided into Sixteen types based on four main categories:

Introvert (I) - Extrovert (E) (How do interact with our environment?)

Intuitive (N) - Observant (S) (How do we use our mental energy?)

Thinking (T) - Feeling (F) (How do we cope with our emotions?)

Judgmental (J) - Prospective (P) (How to we tackle work and decisions?)

Based on this, there are sixteen types, grouped into four categories. Since the types are so vast (And I'd probably give some misinformation, which I don't want to) here's a small introduction to the types, and a few links to read up further on this personality division.





These personality types all differ in many ways. A great place to read more about MBTI types is, you can even take the test there!

The question arises: What are they not?

At the top of the list (and the only point): They are not something that dictate who you are. Knowing your personality type helps you understand yourself better, but it doesn't tell you who you are. Take them as guiding points, not a rule book.

All Enneagram quotes taken from Sleeping At Last's album 'Atlas: Enneagram'. We don't own anything, except the amazing opportunity to listen to his songs.

We are not experts on any topic, everything written here is simply our opinions.

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