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What is Detox Tuesdays?

One of the pages we have on this site is called Detox Tuesdays. Filled with information on an activity to do every week, it was the base of everything on this site. Here, I dive into what Detox Tuesdays is, what is the benefit of doing so, and my experience with logging off once a week.

What is Detox Tuesdays?

A small activity anyone can perform every Tuesday, Detox Tuesday is simply a day in a week. Except, every Tuesday, limit your screen time to only needed things, such as school/office work, emergencies, or anything else that cannot be postponed. Everything else: Social media, entertainment, all of it, shut it down for a day. Sign out of your social media accounts, switch off Netflix and YouTube, and simply get away from the online society for a week.

Why was Detox Tuesdays created?

Some time in early December, there was a Google crash around the world. Nothing seemed to be working, The three of noticed the crash, which in itself told us how much we were on the internet-- the crash was hardly for 30 minutes. After it came back, we realised that we needed to learn how to manage our screen time balance. We started the challenge with our classmates, and realised we could expand it to so many other people, people, who like us, know what they need to do, but simply need a nudge.

I've been following the same practice for quite some time now (with one exception) and I've loved it so much. There's just so much more to see when you take your eyes off the screen. And coming back online the next day, I don't feel like doing so. All I want to do the next day is spend time how I did the previous, reading books that collected dust, walking in the park, experimenting with random and weird food recipes, I do everything.

And you don't have to logoff for the whole day. It's all completely up to you! Whether it's a day, an hour, or from sunrise to sundown, whatever works for you works best.

After a few months, you can find different ways to detox. Maybe set aside some time every day and put your phone away. Or limit your screen time every day, simply to make it more habitual.

And the end of the day, the main aim is to get off the phone for some time, and connect with the world around you.

Check out the Detox Tuesdays page!

Tell us about your experience with trying out the challenge!

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