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Working Out

Diya Tanushree talks about working out, why to do it, and why not to do it.

This article's going to be talking about exercise and why you should do it. No, it's not going to be a boring lecture about why you should exercise, how you should work out and the benefits. We'll discuss it normally, face to face. Or screen to screen, rather.

But, what is exercise? A way to lose weight? A way to get 'buff' to impress your crush? No. Exercise is an activity that enhances your lifestyle, boosts your energy and maintain physical fitness and overall health. Exercise boosts your endurance, delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and even helps your cardiovascular system work more effectively. It improves your heart and lungs, is what I mean. Exercising a few times a week, taking off a few minutes every day could add a couple of years to your life. A small price to pay, right? I mean, I know you watch YouTube for a certain amount of time and I know you can fit working out into your schedule! Don't make excuses. Don't procrastinate. Don't think you can't do it. Believe me, you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to - even change the world. Now, when you can change the entire world, you can surely change yourself!

Exercise isn't just about losing weight or maintaining a certain image. It's about feeling great about yourself. It's about being able to breathe better, able to cut off from the rest of your life and focus on yourself. It's about self-love and confidence. You don't have to be 'skinny' or 'thick' to feel beautiful and that's what working out will make you feel like. You will feel unstoppable! Unbeatable! Powerful!

'I don't know what exercises to do! I have no prior experience, I need a trainer! But I can't afford a trainer right now!' NO. You can look up workout videos on YouTube with exceptional trainers - some of my personal favourites are Pamela Reif, Bailey Brown, Chloe Ting and more. But of course, if you have any extra health issues or anything that might restrict you from exercising 'normally' you can check with your doctor.

Remember, some things to keep in mind:

  1. It's never too late to change your life: You could be 40 or 50 or 20 or 70 and you can exercise, eat healthy and stay positive - everything will get better.

  2. Exercise for YOU: If your parents are telling you to exercise because you don't look 'healthy' it's your choice! You don't have to work out to look a certain way. You work out because you want to feel strong and love yourself. (In cases where doctors recommend exercise, you are to exercise for medical purposes.)

  3. Results: Believe me, when you see results, when you see your triceps bulging and your abs defined, you will know it's all worth it! You will love exercising. It's not late, get up. Get up and dance! Go for a jog! Take your dog on a walk! Cycle! Do a few floor exercises with guidance from YouTube videos! You got this.

You got this, bestie. You can do anything you set your mind to.

'Nobody ever drowned in their own sweat.'

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